Biophilia: A Love Story

Apr 30-June 11, 2022

(Lance Burke, Untitled, water based paint on recycled high solid oak cabinet doors.)


Biophilia: a hypothetical human tendency to interact or be closely associated with other forms of life in nature: a desire or tendency to commune with nature. – Merriam Webster

“Do human beings have within them an innate sense of connection to other forms of life? If so, can this natural feeling, this “biophilia,” both enhance our respect for ourselves as human and reinforce our sense of obligation to treat other forms of life with loving care?”
T. H. Watkins

(Cheryl Quintana, Lookout, wall hanging stoneware sculpture.)

Biophilia focuses on the connections between all living beings, and the fading, but innately human instinct to connect with nature. We ask you to consider the connections between yourself and your fellow creatures and environs that support the breath, skin, and heart of the world. We challenge you to visually depict the harmony or disruption of these connections that define us as Earthlings. What do you see? What do you want to see? Is what we share greater than what separates us?

The Confluence will hold a second exhibit in The Community Gallery titled Forest Dreams at the same time.

DATES: Apr 30-June 11. LOCATION:  The Confluence, 104 S Glover St., Twisp, WA. INFO: 509-997-2787,