Encore showing of “Twisp: The Power of Community” scheduled

June 14 7pm, 2019

Encore showing of “Twisp: The Power of Community” scheduled Friday, June 14, 7 p.m., at the Methow Valley Community Center

Twisp, WA— Back by popular demand, “Twisp: The Power of Community” will have an encore showing in the Methow Valley on Friday, June 14, at 7 p.m. at the Methow Valley Community Center. The screening will be by donation; no one turned away for lack of funds.

Over a year in the making, the 40-minute documentary explores the qualities that help our valley thrive and answers the question, “In a society that seems increasingly polarized and confrontational, how have some communities learned to get along?”

Featuring interviews with Twisp Mayor Soo-Ing Moody, community activists Glenn and Carolyn Schmekel, HOPES founder Isabel Salas, Methow Native Spencer Martin, wildfire survivor Buddy Thomas, Methow Arts Alliance’s Amanda Mott Jackson, the Confluence Gallery’s Salyna Gracie and Sarah Jo Lightner, KTRT director Don Ashford, Hank’s founder Hank Konrad, MVCC’s Maggie Coon and Lorah Super, the Methow Conservancy’s Jason Paulsen, Methow Housing Trust’s Danika Ready and Julie Muyllaert, plus a host of other local characters, the film shows how the community has repeatedly converted challenge into opportunity—coming together after each setback better and stronger than before.

Funding for the film was started with a grant from Seattle-based Artist Trust, which has been augmented by generous local businesses and individuals, including Hank’s Harvest Foods, Dr. Dean and Melissa Quigley, Bill Pope, Teresa Castner and the Mazama Country Inn; Genevieve Cole and the Barnyard Cinema; the Methow Valley Citizens Council, Theresa Days, Dr. Michael Fisher, Jean Zellweger, Parks Construction, Corin McDonald and EVRBDY, Methow Suites, Twisp River Suites, Methow Valley Community Center, Bee Light/Bee Gentle, Carolanne Steinebach, Tess Hoke and Yard Food; KTRT, Sawtooth Dental, Goat’s Beard Mountain Supplies, Priscilla Fossek, Twisp Daily Art and Business and Art Supply, Jonathan Baker/eqpd gear, Blake Beyeler, Jennifer Wallis, Carol Green, Donna Keyser, Bart Bradshaw, CPA, Scotte Kilby, Greg Wright, Michael Schiesser, Sugandhi Katharine BarnesMichelle Shaffer, and Carolyn Schmekel.

Local musicians Luc Reynaud, of Luc and the Lovingtons, and Brittany Jean have contributed to the score—as have hip-hop artist Supaman and Rita Coolidge’s trio Walela. Terry Hunt and Grantland Walker contributed aerial footage. Dozens of people gave freely of their time to be interviewed.

Goodman, who was introduced to documentary filmmaking at Twisp’s own Wild Mind Film Camp in 2013, says the film has been an ongoing lesson in gratitude and appreciation.

“We are so fortunate to live in a community where people hold a high vision of the kind of world they want to live in—and give so generously of their time and resources to help us get there.

“I’m hopeful that people all over the country will be inspired by our Valley’s example.”

Goodman is still seeking sponsors to pay for additional audio editing and color correcting, and to defray the costs of film festival entry fees and marketing. To become a sponsor, visit www.twispmovie.com and go to the sponsor page (“Twisp needs YOU to sponsor!”).

For more information, visit www.twispmovie.com.

DATE: June 14, 7pm, 2019. LOCATION: Methow Valley Community Center