A One-Woman (Cooking) Show

Winter 2021

(Sophia Boesenberg, owner of Saskatoon Kitchens in Twisp.)

By Sierra Golden

Danishes. Babka. Croissants. Quiche. Vegan banh mi. Moroccan stew. Red thai curry soup. Cubanos. Beef bulgogi. Lemongrass pho. Tandoori Chicken. Saskatoon Kitchens regularly cooks up a veritable storm of international pastries, lunches, and dinners. When I asked Sophia Boesenberg, owner of the business, who her partners were, she laughed and said, “It’s just me. I’m a one-woman show!”


Saskatoon Kitchens, which opened in late 2020, is based out of Kathy B’s Commercial Kitchen, a business partner on the TwispWorks campus. Before starting Saskatoon Kitchens, Sophia had extensive training as a chef—she trained at Le Cordon Bleu and worked at PokPok in Portland as well as Moto in Chicago—and lived internationally for a decade. Her longest stint was in Panama, where she owned and operated a beachside cafe. Though her training and travel explain Saskatoon Kitchen’s impressive range of flavors, Sophia’s local roots are notable too.

Sophia grew up near Buzzard Lake on Loup Loup pass and remembers her mother’s acre of home-grown vegetables fondly. She now has a passion for the Methow’s local food products. She said, “There is such a wealth of wonderful local farms that we can source from. That’s one of the gifts of living in an area that produces so bountifully for half the year. If you have good quality ingredients the food is just going to be better. It’s as simple as that.”

I talked with Sophia about the idea of food as art. Surprisingly, she doesn’t think of herself as an artist, but she has a deep appreciation for good food’s ability to create indelible memories—memories of flavors and smells, yes, but also friends, family, a good laugh, and a full belly. She said, “The dish disappears really quickly, but the memory lasts… [Food] is powerful and brings all of us together.”

You can taste Sophia’s cooking—and make a compelling Methow Memory—around the Valley year-round. Saskatoon Kitchens offers take out lunch and dinners from TwispWorks campus on Mondays. Menu and pre-order options are available at saskatoon-kitchens.square.site. You can also find Sophia cooking at the Loup Loup Ski Bowl lodge this winter and at farmers markets in the summer. Try her curried pumpkin soup recipe, shared here, as the perfect complement to a snowy afternoon in the Methow.

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