April Exhibits at Confluence Gallery

Sat, Apr 21-May 19, 2018; Opening reception, Sat, Apr 21, 4-8pm

The Hidden: The Hidden dives beneath the surface to explore secrets and mysteries through the artists’ eyes. Universal and individual symbolism, imagery, and imagination are presented in a multi-media exhibit in the main gallery at Confluence Gallery.

Curators Statement, Joanne Marracci: So often through art we dive beneath the surface to explore secrets and deeper meanings. Witnessing the hidden treasures through artists’ eyes. Symbolisms become so personal and it is a bit of guilty voyeurism that allows us to spy on others’ perceptions of truths and mysteries. There is a bravery inherent in all art and that art should encourage questions, judgements, challenges, and maybe even make us just scratch our heads in wonder. It brings us out of ourselves and our own universes to experience in some small way the universes of other humans.  The discovery of meaning is tantamount to unearthing a rare artifact. An exhilarating, educational, thought provoking experience, uncovering significance brings us closer to ourselves in so many unexpected ways.

Mary Powell: Rural Life: Mary Powell presents a series of paintings that focus on rural scenes of the Methow Valley and Okanogan County; the countryside that most inspires her.

Artist in Residence Exhibit – Eli Klemmeck: a solo show of works created during his three-month residency in the Gift Shop at Confluence Gallery. Whimsical and surreal, with a touch of the dark and mysterious.


DATE: APR 21-MAY 19, Opening reception, Sat, Apr 21, 4-8pm. LOCATION: Confluence Gallery and Art Center, 104 Glover Street Twisp, WA. INFO: 509-997-ARTS confluencegallery.com

(Artwork from top Only Moments Later, Chrysta Kay; Mary Powell, Field Work; Eli Klemmeck, Some Friends.)