Fri, April 12, 2019 5pm-8pm

Liberty Bell High School Senior Tyler White has curated this diverse art show featuring local artists as the basis of his senior project.

Please join Tyler for the opening night on Friday April 12th at the Spartan Art Project.

Even with the ever-increasing knowledge about our earth and our oceans, we still only know a fraction of what it holds. We can only imagine what kind of weird, horrible creatures stir in the twilight depths. Having lived on this planet for tens of thousands of years, you would think we would discover every corner of the globe.
I would ask artists to tap into their feelings of repressed uncertainty, loneliness, and fear. What expressions would the artist convey as suffocating as emptiness? Why are our lungs filled with blue? What if the food chain snapped?
I am asking artists to create pieces that show their vulnerabilities. Take away the feelings of rapture and dive deep into emotional oceans.

20,000 Fathoms is open Wednesday through Friday from 3:30-6:00PM and Saturdays 12-5PM through April 27th.

DATE: Fri Apr 12-Apr 27, 2019. LOCATION:Building #9 on the TwispWorks campus. INFO: TwispWorks

Information from TwispWorks website