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 In the Green Amongst the Foliage
In the Green Amongst the Foliage

Bob Burns

Wreath Palace

20366 Hwy 20
Twisp, WA 98856


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About The Artist

Art has always been my passion since a child growing up. But growing up in a military family, I was denied that right of passage. The relevance of Art and it’s importance was not held in high esteem. It wasn’t until I left home was I free to entertain my passion for Art. I got a late start on a number of things but those passions survived and grew. 

In 1985 I got involved in the natural foliage business. I started out as a picker, picking Wild Baby’s Breath. By and by, determined to be the buyer and producer and not the picker, I found a company in Montgomery, Alabama to buy my Baby’s Breath. The rest is history. 

I learned the Art of preserving natural foliage and became a significant player in the industry with my company, COLOMBIA LACE, Inc. In many ways I liken it to the Gold Rush in California for every body was rushing for Gold Nugget Gyp and I produced it.  It was in that business that I learned the Art of creating wreaths. I am still in the business. I create specialty wreaths for the retail market with my business Wreath Palace.