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Dan Brown

Dan Brown Artwork

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  • Education
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  • Methow Arts Education Residency
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About The Artist

I have an urge to always be making something. Creating art satisfies this urge. It doesn’t matter what media I am working in, they are all fun.  I live fairly frugally so am especially drawn to inexpensive materials and working with found materials. That is part of the reason I love watercolors and found materials. I don’t like waste, so many of my works are created from the negative spaces and left overs from other works.


I believe that talent is earned through long hours of practice. Any talent I have, has been earned this way.  I am still tickled when what I create looks like the image I had in my mind.


I am amazed that the little kid who just wanted to fish and collect insects has cleaned butcher shops, built wheel lines for irrigation, built houses, graduated from WSU with a degree in wildlife biology, taught science and art, witnessed a coup in Paraguay, hitchhiked in southern Africa, walked across Spain, has seen “Mona Lisa” and a saddle billed stork, gets excited about growing a good garden, is delighted that people like something he made enough to buy it,  and lucky enough to do most of this with a wonderful wife and son.


Most of my art has good company in the homes and yards of people who live in the Methow Valley.  How fun it is to have my art rub elbows with the work of artists I love. My art gets to hang around with work by Robert Bateman, Richard Beyer, Tony Angel, Gaylen Hansen, Mary Powell, Steve Ward, and others.