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E.A. Weymuller

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About The Artist

I was in 5th grade when my class took a field trip to Deception Pass, WA. The 24 images on my only roll of film were exposed in roughly half the time it took to walk across the bridge that connects Whidbey Island to the mainland. I now live in the Methow Valley with my wife and our two daughters where photo opportunities abound, but since that field trip, I have nearly always had a camera of one sort or another close at hand, regardless of the scenery.

Spending time behind the lens can often mean forgoing the opportunity to experience what is occurring in front of it. In the past I have struggled with this trade off, but I’ve come to accept that if I strive to capture the essence of my perception while I’m shooting, then I can still be truly in the moment. I suppose my goal is to remember the experience of being in a place or situation that I find interesting enough to take a photo of. Hopefully the resulting image will successfully convey that experience to a future audience.

Feel free to contact me for photo consultations or to check photography availability.

– E.A.