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Marcia Ives

Marcia Ives Pottery

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About The Artist

In 2014 my partner and I moved to the beautiful Methow Valley, built our home and then our pottery studio in the back yard.  I had taken a few clay classes throughout my life, always knowing that some day I would get back to it.  That time came in 2010 when I was working less and took a class at Kirkland Arts Center in Kirkland, WA.  I clearly remeber the first time I participated in a student sale and someone bought a vase I had made.  I was overjoyed!  Prior to this time in my life I had never considered myself to be even remotely artistic, but a different side of me has decided to emerged.  I have found amazing support and encouragement in The Methow Valley, which I definitely needed to start selling my work.

I count my blessings every day that this gets to be my life right now.  I thoroughly enjoy spending time in my studio.  My brain is a constant buzz of ideas, and my work varies accordingly.  I predominately create functional work, and as much as I enjoy creating my pieces, I think I get as much pleasure from knowing someone else is enjoying using them in there home.  I vary my work with colorful underglazes on porcelain clay, and earthier glazes on red stoneware.