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photographer, photographed

Sol Gutierrez

Pine Print Photography

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Winthrop, WA


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About The Artist

I see life as dynamic and transient.  Innumerable variables creating distinct, original experiences and scenes.  My interest in the medium of photography usually lies in capturing the fleeting apex of that moment.  An immeasurably short period of time immortalized in one frame that can somehow describe a whole scene, action, or emotion.  I love the unexpected surprises and details that reveal themselves in a photographic print.  I love making a photo that can feel quiet and still and likewise, love to make loudness come out of a page full of color. 

I launched into the world of photography when I borrowed my father’s camera at age 15 and never gave it back. I’ve been exploring various themes and subjects in photography ever since,
taking advantage of different subjects as they have presented themselves
to me over the years.   My cameras have evolved with time as well; and
although I still love the inherent mystery, challenge, and reward of
traditional film, I now shoot with a digital SLR camera.

My professional experience in photography has varied to include lifestyle photography, product, action sports, scientific documentation, award ceremonies, wedding photography, landscape photography, portraits, and travel.  As a local Methow Valley wedding photographer, I am readily available for photojournalism style documentation of weddings and other special events in the Methow Valley and near by towns and valleys.  Yes, of course, I will travel.

Please enjoy a few of my favorite moments.