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Tears in the Clouds, Acrylic on board, 72x48
Tears in the Clouds, Acrylic on board, 72x48

Tori Karpenko

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Twisp, WA 98856


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About The Artist

Tori Karpenko received his BFA from Drake University, where he graduated cum laude and majored in painting. During his sophomore year, he attended the Lorenzo de Medici Institute of Italian Studies in Florence, Italy.

Tori pursued additional education after graduation in a Biodynamic Agriculture internship at Michael Fields Agricultural Institute in East Troy, Wisconsin. His thesis was titled “The parallels and between art and agriculture; exploring the dynamic between logic and intuition.” He continues to pursue food, culture, and land use issues with his artwork.

Tori has been exhibiting his work both regionally in North Central Washington and in Seattle since moving to Washington in 2000. Venues include Gallery 110, ISIS on First, Miller Fine Arts in Leavenworth, Sunburst Gallery in Chelan, and Confluence Gallery & Art Center in Twisp.

In 2001 Tori joined the Confluence Gallery & Art Center’s Board of Directors, and was elected chairman in 2002. During his tenure, the organization succeeded in purchasing the building that houses their gallery and class space. He has also been active on the Methow Arts teaching roster since 2003, and has led several dynamic learning experiences in the public school system. In 2007 he was chosen to be a regional ambassador for Artist Trust in Seattle.


Over the years I have used art-making as a visual journal to communicate personal discovery and spiritual growth. An artistic process that is rooted in introspection has broadened more recently to contemplate a larger equation of how our choices affect our destiny. I am fascinated by the creation of culture, by the unique responses to local geography, and by the outcome that emerges from how a society chooses to live. Through painting I try to explore our collective stories using interpretations of history, contemporary anthropology and direct experience as a dynamic mixture that blur the linearity of time. By juxtaposing multiple images in my paintings, I hope to reveal how different events are related, while simultaneously creating a new layer of narrative.