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Samantha Carlin

Lucid Glassworks

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About The Artist

Growing up in a mountain tourist town in Colorado I always knew I wanted to follow an unusual path in my life, a road less traveled. I just never knew which path that was, until I found my love for glass. That love first presented itself as a High School Stained Glass course. I continued developing my relationship with glass after graduation, selling stained glass consignment items in home town gift shops and galleries. 

In March of 2003 I had an invitation to try my hand at Glass Blowing. Instant elation followed. I had found it, That Thing, that Thing that makes you want to succeed. That Thing that makes you want to strive to be better. That Thing that allows you to genuinely use words like passion and drive. Needless to say and at the risk of sounding redundant I was obsessed. Everything I did after that first day was to get my next “Glass Fix”. I worked for free, then after skills were honed, I was paid for production. 

In 2007, when the studio in Colorado sold, I followed my passion for glass to the Methow. Upon my arrival my friend, mentor and all around “Glass Sensei” Garth Mudge allowed me time to work out of his studio, Glassworks of Winthrop. His business picked up and before I knew it, I was at a crossroads. Find something else to pursue or build my own Blown Glass Studio. Bit by bit, tool by tool, my Studio came together and I fired my glass furnace up in October of 2011. 

I sell my work mainly thru local farmers markets, storefronts and galleries. I have also been able to pair my love of glass with my desire to travel around Washington State and meet new people. So the next time you are at a farmers market look for me selling my wares out of the back of my car.

Work should be fun, do what you love,

Samantha Carlin