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Danbert Nobacon

Danbert Nobacon

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About The Artist

Danbert Nobacon is a musician, author, actor, radio host, and performance artist. In addition to performing he teaches songwriting, drama and  performance (ages 8 and up) and creative writing and is available for hire in any of these areas, performance or education wise. 

Danbert was in the English punk rock pop anarchist band Chumbawamba for 22 years, and has been involved in the arts all his adult life. If one counts each gig —with all the attendant preparation and travel— as one day, he has been on the road for five plus years of his life.

Since moving to Twisp as well as continuing to write, record and perform spoken word and music, he has written the young adult novel 3 Dead Princes – An Anarchist Fairytale (Exterminating Angel Press 2010) and recorded an AudioBook version of it in association with KBOO Community Radio of Portland OR. He continues to host the Mystery Motel radio show on KTRT 97.5 the root (since 2009). He has conducted interviews with local celebrities for and has appeared in small, medium and leading roles in theater productions at The Merc Playhouse. He has a leading roles in Sage Bannick’s forth-coming  movie “An Evil Within” and in Terry Hunt’s “Haiku”  both filmed in the Methow Valley and he occasionally MC’s local community events. He  became the Drama Coach at Liberty Bell Junior High and High School in February 2014 collaborating with students to write the musical Mirificus High and directing the production of it at The Merc Theater in Twisp.