Artists of the Methow Valley and beyond

Jennifer Molesworth

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PO Box 1082
Twisp, WA 98856


  • Painting

About The Artist

I live in Twisp, Washington on the east slope of the North Cascades surrounded by wild space.  I have painted and drawn most of my grown up life.  I have a degree in biology so I took a lot science classes in college, but I also tried to study as much art as I could.  Art and science go together really well.  

Now a days I work as a fisheries biologist helping to take care of the Methow River and I enjoy painting with water colors, they are so simple,  easy to carry and light weight.  I can take my water color paints and paper way out into the wilderness and just sit and paint – time collapses  I am most at home when I am outside exploring, following a deer trail, spying on birds, wondering about tracks and enjoying the light on leaves, clouds and hills.   I see and feel and my hand holding a brush manages to get the place on paper.   When I get back inside I look at my painting and I can feel the place where I sat – way better than a photograph, but I like to take photos too.  

I hope my paintings will inspire people to walk outside to see for themselves and feel the wildness that is all around us every second.