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Mandi Donohue

Mandi J. Donohue Photography

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About The Artist

After a film photography class in high school and years of taking photos with ‘point and shoots,’ I finally invested in a Nikon D7000 in November 2015 and haven’t looked back.  While somewhat of a ‘newbie’ photographer, I have been a voracious learner.  I am extremely passionate about this medium—how it changes how I perceive the world, how it can be used so simply to make us think culturally and how it speaks to our human commonality.  At this point, I love travel photography and gravitate toward portraits because I love the exchange between two people.  Sebastio Salgado says it more beautifully, “The power of a portrait lies in that fraction of a second… when you catch a glimpse of that person’s life.  The eyes say a lot, the expression in the face… When you take a portrait the shot is not yours alone. The person offers it to you.”  

Aside from photography, my artistic background started with dance at the age of four. I spent eight years in Los Angeles performing/writing sketch & improv comedy and make my living creatively as a baker and wedding cake decorator.  I also love to sing, paint and work on various projects and write the Mazama Column for the Methow Valley News.