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Approaching Summit #1
Approaching Summit #1

Michael Kirshner

Michael Kirshner Fine Art

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About The Artist

Living in the Methow Valley since 2013, Michael Kirshner has continued a lifelong engagement and intimacy with nature. Painting in earnest since 2012, his landscape art is a response to and reflection of place. When hiking, biking, fishing or just being outside, Kirshner records images on paper, canvas or digitally. These “snapshot” sketches are used to inform larger studio paintings, either in oil or pastel. His landscapes are bold and subtle at the same time. They capture a moment that conveys the essence of the place that is merged with Kirshner’s experiences and memories.

Kirshner has also recently created works in response to the current social-political-environmental crisis we face. These abstract works are a major departure from his representational landscapes. They convey the challenges and trauma he sees in such arenas as climate change, immigration, gender identification, and political divisiveness.

Self-taught, Michael’s landscape painting is influenced by representational painters of the Hudson River School and California Impressionists, most notably, Edgar Payne and William Wendt, as well as local artist Rod Weagant.

His abstract works is influenced by abstract expressionists and avant-garde artists such as Barnett Newman, Piet Mondrian, Josef Albers and current artists such as Tomma Abts, and Alex Couwenberg

Since moving to the Methow, Kirshner spends most summers outside and most winters in the studio.

His work has been exhibited and sold throughout the Pacific Northwest. His work has won numerous awards and prizes. He shares his creative energies with his poet-dramatist wife, Cindy, and their Aussie, Rio.