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Paula Christen

Paula Christen Watercolors

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About The Artist

Paula; the what, how and why

landscapes and lives along the road less traveled

You’ll find a common thread woven throughout most of my watercolors. They are visual stories of landscapes and the people who live along the road less traveled.

Having grown up in rural areas, I still gravitate to the sunlit graveled path, high alpine trail fragrant with fir or two street towns with the merchant doors open during summer. The wonderful thing about back roads is that I do slow down, savor the moments and observe. My paintings are a way of keeping connected to those special places far from the paved 70 mile per hour life styles of today.

Watercolors are simple in materials – just paper, paint and water, all coming from the earth. Using them somehow seems justly poetic and a very natural fit for my creations. Starting in college as an oil painter, I later became drawn to the “bad boy” reputation watercolors have in the art world; hard to learn and unforgiving. I love the challenge every fresh white sheet of paper presents.

My painting style is representational, so you will recognize the composition elements. Working with loose brushstrokes and only a few necessary details, the goal is to entertain and engage you in a visual conversation.  I believe each person looking at the work will contribute their own experiences / details and it is that combination which really completes each painting.  

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