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Robin Doggett

Robin Doggett Studio / True North Letterpress

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About The Artist

I make prints and works on paper inspired by the landscape and the fragile complexities of the human experience. Through the use of the visual elements of landscape, negative space, and figure/ground relationships, I am working to unfold the mysteries that surround my relational understanding of the world. My work is concept driven, sometimes evolving as a series that takes thoughtful aim with color and texture. Natural objects placed in communication with each other explore themes of connectivity, network and natural forming systems that echo nature and its inner beauty of order and pattern.

I want to create work that encourages reflection, pause, or circumspection and I’m interested in the interaction of color and shape and how they can convey big ideas and complexity in the same visual space. These concepts of complexity and contradiction, richness and ambiguity, continue to inform my work. 

I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication from Western Washington University where I studied letterpress and book arts. In keeping with my roots in design I am also owner/operator of True North Letterpress; an imprint and letterpress design studio where I work to bring old-school printing technology into new light and share its possibilities as a medium for art and design.