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Suzanneh Rowntree

Manzanita Design

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Lince Road
Winthrop, WA 98862


  • Printmaking

About The Artist

I am in awe of life and the world around me, and feel very connected to nature. My art seems to reflect what catches the attention of my senses; color, texture, shape, rhythm, movement, change, patterns, light. Though I love all forms of art, printmaking won my heart a long time ago. My first memory of creating a print was with a potato that my mother gave me to carve and use for holiday cards. Since then I have experimented with using many different objects and surfaces to print from but until just a few years ago mostly limited my printmaking to linocuts. Like a potato, the linoleum block is carved away to create relief, but surfaces can also be incised or relief built up with one medium or another. Some types of printing plates include both relief and incision.

I still do plenty of linocuts, especially for making my cards, but opening up to the larger world of printmaking has been an exciting journey for me and has inspired a lot of experimentation. Nature has always shown up in my work, and lately my love of anatomy and movement has inspired new directions with my abstracts. Beginner’s mind is a lovely and important place to return to on a regular basis and printmaking provides that for me and opens the channels of creativity. 

Though I am currently living in Santa Cruz, CA, the Methow Valley has been my home for many years and no matter where I am my heart remains there.