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Methow Gallery

The Methow Gallery is a window into the local art scene. A lovely little gallery, it provides a beautiful, comfortable atmosphere where visitors can learn about the local arts community and purchase unique local art, crafts and gifts.

Methow Gallery is operated by Donna Keyser and Laura Karcher, two artists who want beauty to infuse everyone’s life…every day.

The Gallery is located on the dynamic TwispWorks campus in Twisp WA. The gallery, like TwispWorks is ever growing and changing. Beginning as Donnas’ working studio, it remains a studio, but has now become a venue for local artists as well.

Beyond the gallery that occupies the front of Donnas’ studio lies a working space where a Karcher and Keyser operate DE*SIGN a flourishing graphic design and sign business.

They also curate THE GALLERY at Sun Mountain Lodge and the artwork within the historic Methow Valley Inn.

donna2Donna Keyser is an artist and designer and has worked in many museums and galleries in the Northwest. She holds a degree from Cornish College of the Arts and has also studied Landscape Architecture and Graphic Design.

Laura KarcherLaura Karcher is a woodworker and artist. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in graphic design. Having traveled and moved a lot in her life, she now finds both contentment and artistic inspiration in her rugged mountain home.