ArtsEd WA Free Art Resources

ArtsEd Washington is a non-profit organization based in Seattle that works to create and implement successful arts education in schools. They have put together free curriculum resources that can be easily accessed online. So if you are looking for a way to do quality, art education at home, take a look below at the number of lessons provided for K-5th grade students. Each lesson includes a demo video, art images, and a downloadable lesson sheet. All the lessons also abide by Common Core requirements in Washington State.

Primary Colors, Kindergarten Lesson


Shapes within Shapes, 1st Grade Lesson

1st Grade:

Abstract Objects, 2nd Grade Lesson

2nd Grade:

Figures in Action, 3rd Grade Lesson

3rd Grade

Modeling with Color, 4th Grade Lesson

4th Grade

Color and Line for Mood, 5th Grade Lesson

5th Grade