Blood and Thunder: Contemporary works by the artist Vblast

Through Aug 27, 2016

bloodandthunder300dpiBlood and Thunder is a series of mixed media paintings and 3D works reflecting on the artists 25 year career in the punk / metal / industrial music scene.

For Methow Valley artist, Vblast, music and art have been so intertwined it is difficult sometimes for him to determine where one ended and the other began. Starting with jazz band in school days and progressing through a series of punk and metal acts that pulled him across the country and abroad for over 25 years. During that time he was creating art often to promote and accompany the musical work he was involved in. Zines, posters, t-shirts, backdrops, stage props, videos, and album cover art. The final band in his career, of which he was a co-founder and owner, was The Pleasure Elite. A Seattle based metal punk art rock ensemble known as much for its live performances as its provocative music and lyrical content.


To say that Vblast loves hard aggressive music is an understatement. For him, this pounding pulsing form of expression has been a part of his life for so long that he would not be who he is without it. He says “It changed and saved me, drove and consumed me in an inferno of creativity that left me burned, scarred and marked. It is that first cigarette in the morning, the first drink after a hangover, the moment you taste your own blood in a fist fight. Glorious. It appeals to my contrarian nature and antisocial disposition. A middle finger raised in defiance of the prurient pop culture that drowns us in mendacity. It begs no allegiance or favor, and offers no quarter. If you don’t get it, or don’t like it, that is fine with me. But you have my sympathy. No, not really. Turn that shit up to 11 and tell me you can’t hear the angels. I dare you.”

Vblast (aka Vern White) is a self-taught artist who began drawing at an early age. After working at a variety of jobs, the artist entered the world of commercial art and design. For over 25 years he honed his skills in the arena of independent graphic illustration and pre-production. In 2001, Vblast devoted himself full time to his art and began a journey into non-objective abstraction. His art has been exhibited in Northwest galleries and venues, as well as, in private collections worldwide.

DATES: July 23–Aug 27: Opening reception, July 23, 4-8pm, 2016. INFO/LOCATION: Confluence Gallery 509-997-ARTS,