Business Sustainability Conversations: Making Business Work in the Methow

Feb 4, May 6, Aug 6, Nov 6, 6-8pm

Doing business in the Methow can be challenging! As part of TwispWork’s mission to support economic sustainability, TwispWorks would like to invite you to four Business Conversations focused around the needs of employers and employees.

Last year TwispWorks partnered with the University of Washington to understand the real cost of living in the Methow with the Self-Sufficiency Standard and a conversation on living wages.  This year, TwispWorks would like to brainstorm solutions to the following issues facing employers and employees: housingchildcarebenefits and retaining local youth. Each meeting will have a short presentation, followed by a facilitated dialogue. While TwispWorks encourages feedback from businesses and employers, they are happy for anyone to attend these events! Beer, wine, and snacks will be served, please come!

See below for dates and topics of each event:

Feb, 4 6-8 pm, “Affordable Housing: Costs, Needs and Your Employees” Location: Suite 101, Annex Commercial Bld 31 West Chewuch Rd, Winthrop

May 6, 6-8 pm, “Childcare and Employee Needs”
Location: Little Star Montessori School, Winthrop

Aug, 4, 6-8 pm, “Benefits: Creative Solutions for Your Employees”
Location: MySpace at TwispWorks, 502 S. Glover St. Twisp, WA

Nov, 6, 6-8 pm, “Brain Drain & Retaining Methow Youth”
Location: MySpace at TwispWorks, 502 S. Glover St. Twisp, WA

INFO/CONTACT:, 509-997-3300