Cabin Fever Kids by Humanities Washington

Cabin Fever Kids is a kid-friendly approach to Cabin Fever Questions, questions designed by Humanities Washington to engage with important, relevant questions. Below you will find this week’s suggested activity for Cabin Fever Kids, which includes listening to/reading “Snappsy the Alligator (Does Not Want to be in This Book)” and engaging with the text by answering some questions created by Humanities Washington.

Snappsy the Dragon (Does not Want to Be in This Book) by Jule Falatko

Snappsy, an alligator, is having a normal day when, for some reason, a narrator (a chicken!) decides to make the story more interesting. How does Snappsy react to having his day described by a pesky chicken?


The chicken is determined to describe Snappsy’s activities, narrating his every move. 

  • Why do you think the chicken decided to narrate Snappsy’s story? 
  • If you could narrate someone’s story, whose story would you tell? Why?   
  • If someone were to narrate your day, what would that person say? 

Snappsy the alligator shops at a grocery store and arranges a party for his friends.

  • Do you think this is how most alligators act? Who decides? 
  • Have you ever met someone new who seemed strange to you? What happened? 
  • How are you different than others?  

Snappsy eventually invites the pesky chicken to the party.  

  • Do you think Snappsy and the chicken will now be friends? Why or why not? 
  • How do you make new friends?

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