Methow Valley Tenth Graders Write Their Journeys

Winter 2015

by Ashley Lodato, Arts Education Director Help us continue funding for programs like this! Give Big TO ART on Tuesday, May 5th. LEARN MORE HERE     Tenth graders in Kelly Grayum’s Liberty Bell High School English classes took a journey this past winter: a writing journey. The assignment was to narrate a personal journey, either… [Read More]

Paschal Sherman Indian School Students Share Dancing and Drumming Tradition with Methow Valley Elementary Third Graders


When the ten dancers and drummers from Paschal Sherman Indian School and their two teachers stepped off the bus at Methow Valley Elementary School, third grade students were ready for them. The third grade curriculum includes a year-long journey through Native American studies, beginning with the Wampanoag culture in the New England region and culminating… [Read More]

Brewster 5th Graders Paint Pictures with Words

Spring 2017

Each winter, Brewster 5th graders participate in a 5-week poetry residency, working with Methow Arts teaching poet Kelleigh McMillan. Students become familiar with “painting pictures with words” and with relating their emotions to the natural world. Each week they experiment with a different poetic concept: simile, metaphor, free verse, stanza, etc. Students write poems about their bedrooms,… [Read More]

Open Forge Night with Jerry Merz

Feb 16 & 18, 7-9pm, 2016

CURRENTLY FULL. NAMES WILL GO ON WAIT LIST. Join Jerry Merz of Methow Metalworks for a free introduction to blacksmitthing. Jerry will first introduce students to some of the tools unique to the trade spend some time explaining their safe operation.  Then it is on to the forge for the “fun stuff”.   Learn how to… [Read More]

The Poetry of Place

Fall 2016

by Ashley Lodato, Methow Arts Alliance – Arts Education Director no one    comes                        to     relieve me  of this     solitude         presented     to me                     on a     silver platter              in all its     splendor and i welcome    the heartache ~ from “Abandoned Tree” by Liliana Hart-Beck For a kid raised in the valley, the Methow… [Read More]

Young Writers’ Celebration and Conference at Methow Valley Elementary School

Thu, June 1, 2017, 5:30-7pm

As the school year draws to a close, the excitement is palpable at Methow Valley Elementary School. Students are thrilled by the prospect of summer, true, but they’re also eager to participate in the upcoming Young Writers’ Conference, which engages students in writing activities, including attending seminars of their choice presented by adult writers, artists,… [Read More]

Design by Nature: Wil Chandler’s Gallery Night

Gallery Night- Thu May 14, 2015, show dates May 1-30, 2015

Liberty Bell High School senior Wil Chandler’s senior project–an exhibit of nature prints– can be seen throughout the month of May in the creekside room of the Rocking Horse Bakery in Winthrop. On Thursday, May 14th from 3-6PM, Wil will host a” meet the artist event” with food. Those who wish to bid on Wil’s prints may do so; all proceeds will… [Read More]

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