Hands to Heart Gifts – Winthrop Gallery Holiday Show

Late into the night, the potter’s wheel turns, a painter’s brush silently treks color across canvas and the weaver’s shuttle carries hand-spun wool adding inches to a soft scarf. Yes, it is the Holiday Show at the Winthrop Gallery! Our area artists, crafts persons and invited guest artists have worked extra hours with their talented… [Read More]

Gems and Geology Holiday Gift Show

Nov 27-Jan 9, 2021

Our Earth is full of a myriad of hidden treasures just beneath our feet. Throughout the millennia, very slow but constant changes in the earth’s crust and mantle produce the world’s most precious natural works of art in macro (mountainous and rock formations in our landscape) as well as micro (gemstones). While human intervention is… [Read More]

B.E.E. Twisp

Fall 2020

Twisp Togetherness….TwiSpiritedness? Whatever you call it, if you ask a local, they’ll say it’s real. In recent months, however, as with everything else the pandemic is leaving its palpable impact here, too. That’s why the Town of Twisp recently launched the Community “B.E.E.” Initiative, aligning seamlessly with the Twisp Chamber of Commerce’s mission to advocate… [Read More]

Pumpkin Carving Contest

Halloween 2020

EXTENDED DEADLINE 2: THURS, OCT 29 – Entry Form and Photo of Pumpkins via email. Just email us to get started @ DEADLINE 2: THURS, OCT 29 – Pumpkins delivered to Methow Arts. Pumpkins may be delivered before Thursday after receiving confirmation from Methow Arts. WE WILL DISPLAY YOUR PUMPKIN IN OUR WINDOW! WINNERS… [Read More]

VOCA: Methow Arts announces its newest Initiative and Call to Artists of Color

September 2020

As part of Methow Arts’ commitment to advancing racial equity and committing resources to support regional artists, leaders, students and communities of color, we are thrilled to announce a series of new initiatives aimed at amplifying voices of color through the Arts. VOCA, Advancing Voices of Color in the Arts, is the newest initiative of… [Read More]

Tracing the Map of Injustice

Thurs, Aug 13, 3-4pm, 2020

A Poetry Reading Featuring Cindy Williams Gutiérrez Cindy Williams Gutiérrez’s new collection, Inlay with Nacre: The Names of Forgotten Women, was awarded a 2016 Oregon Literary Fellowship and the 2018 Willow Books Editor’s Choice Poetry Selection. She was selected by Poets & Writers Magazine as a 2014 Notable Debut Poet for the small claim of bones (Bilingual Press), which placed second… [Read More]

Exhibit: Treespeak

July 25-Aug 29, 2020

Caryl Campbell, Curator Trees speak to everyone , whether in the language of wonder or of practicality. Saying that trees are life may be trite but remains solidly true. Now during stressful times nature calls us to relax, reflect, and commune with its most enduring and steadfast companion. Artists were asked to produce work that… [Read More]

The Methow River Poems of William Stafford

Summer 2020

by Ashley Lodato, Methow Arts staff writer Settled in scenic spots along the Methow River from Pateros to Washington Pass, the Methow River Poems invite readers to feel the grandeur of the watershed’s stark beauty through the words of the late Poet Laureate William Stafford. Seeking an alternative to the natural history interpretive signs the… [Read More]

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