Arts Education Spotlights

Methow Valley 3rd graders create Textured Trees

March 2020

by Ashley Lodato Education Director, Methow Arts Alliance   Third graders at Methow Valley Elementary School learned about the use of texture in art by creating engraved trees and soil. Scratch art is a type of direct engraving, which means cutting or incising an image into a surface.   Scratchboards are a means of creating an… [Read More]

Mamma Mia!, here we go again

Spring 2020

by Ashley Lodato, Education Director for Methow Arts Although none of the members of the Liberty Bell Drama Company (LBDC) in the Methow Valley School District were alive during the heyday of the Swedish pop music supergroup ABBA, they’re as familiar with the band’s songs as any 1970s disco fan on the club circuit—and perhaps… [Read More]

Portrait painting, kindergarten style

Dec 2019

Methow Valley School District staff and local community members received custom portrait painting sessions last week, courtesy of kindergarten students. First, the students learned observation and life drawing skills, working with Methow Arts teaching artist Judith Robertson. They sketched outlines, then filled them in with watercolor paints, initially using prints of famous portraits by Picasso,… [Read More]

Methow Valley 4th graders create art for Farmers Market

Fall 2019

by Ashley Lodato Education Director, Methow Arts Alliance Every good farmer knows that selling your products requires proper marketing. You want to attract people to your booth, provide them with a visual representation of what you’re selling, and demonstrate that you’re knowledgeable about your produce. In a recent Methow Arts residency with teaching artist Judith… [Read More]

Owl migration? East Omak 5th graders paint owls using oil pastel/watercolor resist technique

Arts Education Spotlight

by Ashley Lodato Education Director, Methow Arts A parliament of owls seems to have nested at East Omak Elementary School, in the waning weeks of the school year. This recent art residency with 5th grade students integrated visual art with animal science. Working with Methow Arts teaching artists Annie Venable, Bruce Morrison, and Bethany Wray… [Read More]

Brewster 5th graders unite poetry with painting

Spring 2019

Each winter, Brewster 5th graders participate in a 5-week poetry residency, working with Methow Arts teaching poet Kelleigh McMillan. Students become familiar with “painting pictures with words” and with relating their emotions to the natural world. Each week they experiment with a different poetic concept: simile, metaphor, free verse, stanza, etc. Students write poems about their bedrooms,… [Read More]

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