Celebrate Rock Day with Culler Studio

Thurs, Jan 7, 10-3pm, 2016

rock day imageRock Day  or St. Distaff’s Day is a spinner’s holiday frequently observed in our modern-day guilds. For those who observed the day in medieval times, St. Distaff’s Day, or Rock Day, signified the end of the holiday season and a return to work (including spinning) following Christmas.

For most modern spinners, spinning is a source of joy and of camaraderie. Culler Studio’s hosting of Rock Day is a great way to begin new projects, finish old ones, and start the year with friends.  All levels welcome, please come if you’re curious and want to try spinning.  Free, short lessons will be offered.

Bring your spinning wheels or spindles and some food to share for lunch (a full kitchen is available). An electric carding machine will be on hand if you want to bring wool to blend colors.

The “Rock” in Rock Day derived from a number of different traditions. The Dutch word for distaff is rok; Norwegian, rokk; Icelandic, rokkur.  From Scotland comes a second meaning that may make more sense to spindle spinners familiar with the small stone whorls on early spindles. Because of the use of stone whorls, spindles were frequently called ‘rocks’, and fireside gatherings where the women gossiped and re-told local folk stories as they spun were called rockings.


DATE: Thursday, January 7, 10-3pm LOCATION: Education Station @ TwispWorks CONTACT: 997.3300