Mar 7-Apr 11, 2015

Confluence.Stardust's Ferment by Gordon WoodOpening Reception on Saturday, March 7, 4-8pm

Exhibit curators: Nicole Ringgold, Joanne Marracci, Vern White and Matt Armbrust.

Does a single chromosome really make that much of a difference between the sexes? Is there more to the obvious physical differences between us, or are there deeper, more fundamental underlying characteristics forever inherent in our genders? These four characters attempt to delineate the sexes in such a simple way, yet, defining the sexes in reality is far from simple. A show about men and women, bodies, flesh, attitudes, and changing roles of the two sexes in society is bound to bring some uncomfortable moments to the more sensitive viewer and this exhibition will be no exception. But how could it be any other way?

The Confluence gallery invited all artists, regardless of gender, to explore gender in today’s world. The XX XY exhibit will provoke you to ask yourself: “Y,” does it matter?

DATE: Exhibit, Mar 7-Apr 11; Opening Reception Sat, Mar 7, 4-8pm. LOCATION/CONTACT: Confluence Gallery, Twisp, 509.997.2787,

(Stardust’s Ferment by Gordon Wood)

DATE: Mar 7-Apr 11, Opening reception Mar 7, 4-8pm. LOCATION: Confluence Gallery, Twisp CONTACT: 509.997.2787