Critters in the Rivers


The 2019 ‘Living with the Methow River Calendar’ offers monthly information about our river habitat. Learn more about our critters by visiting some the following sites: Twisp Ponds Discovery Center, Cottonwood Trail, The Winthrop Barn Trail, and Whitefish Island. (Artwork by 6th grade student Vance Nielsen.)

OCTOBER FEATURES: Ravens are scavengers and can be seen feeding on salmon carcasses. Decomposing salmon carcasses provide valuable inputs of nitrogen and phosphorus to the watershed. Ravens and other animals feed on carcasses and help disperse these Nutrients far from streams. READ MORE ABOUT RAVENS.

SEPTEMBER FEATURES: Spring Chinook and Steelhead are anadromous. Anadromous fish are born in fresh water, spend their adult Lives at sea, and then return to freshwater streams to spawn at The end of their lifecycle. These fish need cold, clean water to survive. (This month’s artwork by 6th grade student, Brent La Rue.)

AUGUST FEATURES: Mountain Lions are ambush predators that eat mostly deer. These large cats help keep prey populations, such as deer, in check. This helps to prevent overbrowing of trees and shrubs in riparian areas. (This month’s artwork by 6th grade student, Linneae Crandall.)

JULY FEATURES Garter Snakes.

Garter snakes are exceptional swimmers and use water for both
foraging and protection. They feed primarily on fish and
amphibians. These “water snakes” are often considered an
indicator of healthy aquatic and riparian systems. (Artwork by 6th grade student Landry Chrastina.)