Dia de los Muertos Sugar Skulls

Fall 2022

During the week of Oct 31 – Nov 4, 3rd grade students in Methow Arts’ Youth Arts Initiative program at the Methow Valley Elementary School learned about Dia de los Muertos Calaveras de Azucar (Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls) with instructor Bethany Wray. They studied traditions surrounding Day of the Dad prior to creating their own sugar skull designs. Students used the art elements of shape and line as well as principle of symmetry.


In 2019, Methow Arts received a grant from Icicle Fund to support a Youth Arts Initiative (YAI) for students in grades K-3 in the Methow Valley Elementary School. The Initiative is a three-year pilot grant that has a goal of increasing the dosage of professional arts education specifically in sequential art learning and basics and elements of art for early grade levels, establishing a foundation in the arts for later years.

Funding is used to:

  1. Support arts education during the school day through contracted professional teaching artists in designated grades. The proposed programs work in alignment with the WA State Arts Learning Standards.
  2. Provide sequential learning, curriculum development, and art integration strategies into each district.
  3. Provide funding for Methow Arts to establish formal Art Plans within each school district, and explore additional funding to sustain programs at the same level after the three year period.

“We’re grateful to for the opportunity provided by the Icicle Fund to work in partnership with Methow Arts to integrate the arts in grades K through 3,” said Tom Venable, Methow Valley School District Superintendent. “The three-year grant will allow us to strategically invest in the development of learners who understand the critical concepts of art and the design cycle principles. Our students and staff are so fortunate!”