Door No. 3 finds power in the past, brings ideas for the future

Summer 2017

Most of us haven’t picked up the SundaDN3-protecttext&printy Times and caught ourselves up on world events in quite some time. Although the face of newspapers may have changed, their importance remains. Recently, Door No. 3 was able to save a bit of newspaper history by giving a home to several typefaces and other equipment courtesy of the Lake Chelan Mirror. The studio has since used some of the vintage type on client projects as well as a commemorative print which it printed and distributed using a small printing press dating back to the 1880s.

Robin Doggett, co-owner of the studio, shared her thoughts on the importance of preserving these techniques and equipment: “I think we are all becoming more aware of how technology and modernization is creating shifts in our culture and how those effects play out in our local communities. For me there’s a really nice correlation between acknowledging and preserving this equipment and recognizing these printing methods as how information was shared and how ideas were dispersed up until just recently. Printed matter is what traditionally fueled activism and collective action and we hope to tap into a bit of that – whether it creates awareness or just sparks interest.”

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(Photo: “Protect What You Love” design by Laura Gunnip, printed at Door No. 3 Print Studio.)