Door No. 3 Print Studio presents: Calendar 2018



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Door No. 3 Print Studio’s latest calendar bursts off the page in every color of the rainbow. Each month features a primary or complimentary color as depicted in the traditional color wheel–ranging from cool to warm as the year progresses. With more than 12 colors printed individually, this years’ edition consists of nearly 4,000 impressions printed on the studio’s antique letterpress, an impressive feat considering each print was powered by foot treadle.

Robin Doggett and Laura Gunnip focused on collaboration by creating a variety of hand drawn images telling the story of this place at this time. These items are akin to precious talismans for all kinds of people presented in a kaleidoscope of full color. “Colors are always seen in relationship to each other, never in isolation,”asserts Laura Gunnip, “precisely why we promote the necessity to rely on each other and work together.”

Hand letterpress printed in a limited edition of 150 on Strathmore impress paper with lush hand-mixed inks. Look for Door No. 3 at the Twisp and Winthrop bazaars or visit them at the Valley Goods gift shop on the TwispWorks campus, open everyday December 7-24.