Door No. 3 Print Studio presents Edible Seeds 2017

Winter 2016-17

edbseeds-cover-webDesign and print duo Laura Gunnip and Robin Doggett of Door No. 3 Print Studio are excited to announce the release of their latest project, a handprinted calendar titled Edible Seeds 2017. This year’s design features botanical  illustrations of plants and the seeds they produce, carefully printed and assembled to reveal the source of some of our favorite foods.

Gunnip and Doggett see this year’s calendar theme as a metaphor for growth and change as well as a way to take a practical look at where our food comes from. “Seeds are ideas, seeds have a prerogative to grow. Seeds are the promise of life to come.  When we eat edible seeds, we eat all of that promise,” says Gunnip.  “The energy, hope, and growth that the plant has stored inside its seeds becomes our sustenance… the magic of the seed is that you only have to save a few to make many, many more next season.”

Edible Seeds 2017 draws inspiration from the design team’s ties to farming, botany, and rural life. Robin shares her knowledge of plants through her work at local garden center YardFood, while Laura’s wife, Anaka Mines, owns and operates Twisp River Seed. Their farm grows certified organic vegetable, flower and herb seed and works to improve the genetics and availability of organic open-pollinated seed.

As part of Door No. 3’s 2017 calendar they will be including a packet of Hungarian Blue Breadseed Poppy compliments of Twisp River Seed in the hopes of inspiring all of us to grow a little something for our kitchen.


Visit Laura and Robin at this year’s local holiday bazaars, shop online at or visit the Door No. 3 pop-up shop at YardFood in Twisp December 3rd – 24th.  CONTACT:, 509-449-1081 or