Flower Power!

Through July, 2022

Paper Art by Jill Beckerman

Jill Beckerman brings an explosion of paper florals to True North Letterpress

Colorful, intricate, and layered floral works by paper artist Jill Beckerman will be on exhibit at True North Letterpress from May 28th through July 9th. Inspired by the peaceful life cycle of plants and the beauty each stage of growth brings, Beckerman carefully cuts each plant by hand, creating harmonious arrangements that layer each plant and flower into joyous riots of color.

The detailed work and time-intensive nature of each piece was a silver lining for the artist during the isolation and murkiness of the pandemic stay-at-home order. As a remedy to the heaviness of that time, the beauty, spirit, optimism, and resilience of nature sprinkled in the garden beds around her Seattle neighborhood offered her courage and inspiration.

Visit True North Letterpress in Twisp weekdays 10am – 4pm and Saturdays 9am – 2pm.