Framing Tactile

May 8-June 19, 2021

Confluence Gallery is pleased to bring Linda Pawson to our Community Gallery.

Fibers, found objects, and structural materials…
Curves, shadows, layers, ridges, and overlaps…
Everything contributes to a textural experience that is at once easily visible and yet contains unseen secrets and mysteries. Just like the texture of life…combining the old and the new; sometimes the unexpected.

Paper crafted around the world – crossing cultures. Handmade; printed, painted or simply plain – each sheet offers a differing perspective of color, structure, and character. Inclusions sometimes provide substance. Thickness and opacity create a palette of opportunities.

Elaborate frames that have been lovingly created by artisans in times past to encase a masterpiece, or a simple wooden frame created by a busy farmer to hold the priceless picture of a new baby – each created to enrich and showcase the content within.

Found objects that retrieve a memory of a long-ago event or present a chance to reflect on a moment – past, present, or future. An object that triggers feelings and emotions. Or simply a visible item that contributes to an overall integration that pleases the eye.

One of a kind. Unique. A integration of past and present; a design to enhance any space.

In the main Gallery experience American Craft: We the People.

For more information, contact 509-997-2787