Girlfriends of the Guerrilla Girls at Gallery One

Mar 6-28, 2020 Opening Reception: Sat, Mar 6, 5-8pm

Alice Dubiel, Seeding Gaia, Flow

CoCA and Gallery One present a group show of feminist artists including Ann Leda Shapiro, Sheila Klein, Alice Dubiel, Deborah Faye Lawrence, Cecilia Concepción Alvarez, Hanako O’Leary, C. Davida Ingram, Dawn Cerny, E.T. Russian, Rachel J. Siegel, and Guerrilla Girls posters. This exhibition of people who are comfortable with the word feminist are local Pacific Northwest artists without gallery representation.

Artwork included in the show ranges from previously censored images, crocheted body-centered pieces, reproductive and seed installation, feminist content collage and video, clay in-your-face vaginal masks, powerful mujeres/madre imagery, identity/gender exploration, invisibility/visibility watercolors, comics, and hot off the press new, as well as old — but sadly still timely — classic posters created by the original Guerrilla Girls.

The Guerrilla Girls, “conscience of the art world,” are a group of women artists committed to exposing the overlooked, as well as gender unfairness in the art world since 1985. They wear gorilla masks in public as the anonymity keeps the focus on the issues; use facts, fur and humor to expose gender and ethnic bias and have creatively inspired millions to be themselves, speak up and express their truths. We are thrilled in particular to be including Ann Leda Shapiro’s sexually explicit image, “Anger,” which the Whitney Museum of American Art refused to hang in her one-person show in 1973.

INFO/CONTACT: 509-925-2670 LOCATION: Gallery One, 408 N. Pearl St. Ellensburg, WA 98926 DATES/TIMES: March 6-28, 2020 Opening Reception: Sat, March 6, 5-8pm