Learn how you can support the first Arts Resource Center of its kind in North Central Washington

Support and learn about the first Arts Resource Center of its kind in North Central Washington

You can support this new initiative throughout the month of October through Give Methow, a fundraising program through the Community Foundation of North Central WA.

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We need your help to create the first and only Resource Center in North Central Washington that supports both ARTists and ARTS Organizations from across the state. Your funding provides training, resources and promotion in The Arts for our community. Our new location is currently being built and is located on the corner of Glover Street and 2nd Avenue. With over 1350 square feet, the Arts Center will provide ample space for training, workshops, consultations, exhibit space, events, a resource library and promotion of The Arts.

OUR NEW PROGRAMS and What your donation does:

– Supports the creation of the only Resource Center of its kind in Washington State providing resources and support for both ARTists and ARTS Organizations;

– Produces 25+ programs annually on topics for artists and organizations that ensure viable, sustainable work, planning, capacity building and success in The Arts;

– Hosts community events on topics from work space for artists to knowing your rights as an activist artist to exhibiting your work in galleries across the state;

– Promotes artists and organizations through print, free online webpages, social media, e-campaigns and advertising;

– Connects ARTists and ARTS Organizations with audiences across the state;

– Supports programming that reaches audiences across Washington State and the Pacific Northwest;

– Helps to secure fair wages to organizational partners and teaching artists;

– Provides opportunities for artists to connect with each other, as well as donors, collectors, and curators.

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Would you like more information? Email or call us @ amanda@methowartsalliance.org, 509-997-4004