Hello Spring

Spring 2021

Brought to you by the Twisp Chamber of Commerce

NOTICE: Effective March 22, the entire state will enter Phase 3of Washington State’s “Healthy Washington” Plan. Our community mandates the use of masks, social distancing and proper sanitation at all times. Thank you for your kindness and understanding during this precarious time.

Hello, Spring.

You know it’s Spring in the Methow Valley when locals have an extra spring in their step – not just because the snow begins to melt while arrowleaf balsamroot begin to bloom… but also because they can all literally take steps again without worrying about slipping on a patch of ice.

Happy Feet

In Twisp, sun-splashed sidewalks are a dream to all who traverse Twisp on foot — which is basically everyone (no Uber required, nor is there one available anyway). Twisp’s centralized downtown corridor makes it easy to walk around to a variety of engaging locales. What’s more, when you’re on foot you’ll notice things you didn’t expect to encounter, like a free little library, a rotating light pole banner on main street or a new exhibit at a local gallery.

Warming Up

Starting at TwispWorks, the 6.2-acre outdoor campus located at the south end of Glover Street, check out all the artist studios that line the grounds of this former Forest Service complex. You’ll find everything from jewelry to painting to woodworking to bag-making to metalworking to species-specific bird nesting boxes to pottery to a natural dye operation. Don’t have enough time to tour the entire campus? Then head into Valley Goods, which sells the works of 70+ local makers in the Methow Valley, including those on campus.

Spring Strolling

Once you’ve had lunch or a snack at one of several recommended eateries in Twisp, treat yourself to some street strolling, anchoring your walk with a tour of the town’s public art: mosaics, murals, steel sculptures and cast aluminum pieces can be found around all around the area – such as the massive metal flower right outside Fiber, Twisp’s adorable yarn store. Even though some art buildings haven’t fully re-opened to the public due to the pandemic, such as Rod Weagant Studio, Methow Arts and The Merc Playhouse, they still encourage you to walk by and window-gaze their exquisite works. Culminate your experience by heading into Confluence Gallery, Twisp’s free art gallery, which offers local and regional art pieces. (Also: the wine/oil/vinegar cellar at Glover Street Market isn’t technically a gallery, but there is an undeniable visual and gustatory artistry to this stone-lined space of vials and bottles – pop in and take a look before your walking tour comes to a close.)

On sunny days you can enjoy a riverwalk at the northeastern end of town, or travel an easy .25 miles up Twisp River Road to enjoy the Twisp Discovery Ponds, a complex of meandering trails, native plants, large-scale art pieces, and salmon-rearing ponds.

Spring Cleaning

Errands to accomplish? No problem! Twisp is the central hub for Methow Valley services ranging from an oil change to a good haircut (all found in our Twisp Chamber Member Directory). Gifts galore can be acquired at Fiber, Glover Street Market, Confluence Gallery, Twisp Daily Art & Business Supply, Ulrich Valley Pharmacy, and The Thrifty Fox. For groceries, and for one of the most talked-about grocery aisles (hint: look up) hit up Hank’s Harvest Foods. Heck, you could even get a massage or facial at the TwiSpa if you needed to work out a kink or two!

If you’d rather just curl up with a good book and read for a couple of hours, they’ve got you covered: our local Twisp library welcomes visitors and has a relaxed atmosphere for reading as well as some downright friendly librarians. Or take your own book to one of Twisp’s parks, located outside the Methow Valley Community Center and near the Methow River by the pool.

Spring Snacking

If you happen to be in Twisp on a Saturday morning, it’s impossible to miss the weekly Farmers Market in the Community Center parking lot from 9am-Noon, starting in April.

Need an afternoon pick-up after such a busy morning? Treat yourself to a cookie, eponymous pastry, coffee and/or lunch at the popular Cinnamon Twisp Bakery on Glover. Or if you’re on the south end of town you can get your java on at the Blue Star Coffee Roasters café and roasting plant, which you can view from the café through glass windows.

And That’s (Not) All, Folks

They’ll end your Spring in Twisp tour here, but needless to say those same eateries mentioned earlier also make great dinner spots, too. (Make sure to check in first with the restaurant that catches your eye to find out their current dining policy under COVID-19 restrictions. Many have begun offering limited seating inside as well as creative outdoor dining.)

Happily exhausted from your experiences in Twisp? The Twisp Chamber hopes you’ll come back and visit us soon!

For full information, visit the Twisp Information Center online or in person. Tag Twisp on Facebook or Instagram (@/#TwispWA) so they can repost your Spring adventures!