Introduction to Life Drawing with Bruce Edwards

Thu-Fri, April 30-May 1, 10-4pm, 2015

BruceEdwardsDrawingClassIntroduction to life drawing: A Two Day Workshop April 30 & May 1st

Enjoy Bruce’s fun approach to drawing. His classes have a safe and encouraging atmosphere. Both novice and experienced participants will further their drawing skills in this class. Bruce will offer step by step instruction and demonstrations. On day two, we will employ a live model and will be structured like a standard Life Drawing session with a variety of poses.

Materials List:

– 18×24 drawing pad
– 23×26 drawing clipboard
– Selection of graphite drawing pencils : B, 2B, 4B and also a 6B “woodless pencil”
– Small packet or box of charcoal sticks. They can be medium or soft, not hard. They can be natural vine or willow, not compressed.
– Kneaded eraser
– Blending stump
– OPTIONAL: * easel * fixative (pump spray non toxic only) ie: SpectraFixbrand


DATE: Thursday-Friday, April 30-May1, 10-4pm LOCATION: Chelan Fire Station, Community Room COST: $50 CONTACT: