James Rizzi meets Vincent Van Gogh Cityscapes

From Cassie Stephens, an elementary art teacher from Nashville, Tennessee who makes her art lessons available online as a resource to anyone seeking fun ways to teach art to their students or children. Along with currently creating weekly thematic content for students to participate in online, Cassie has also compiled a list of easy and fun projects for students to do at home. You can view the compiled list below along with a brief description and link to the lesson. FIND FULL LESSON HERE.

 The other day, I had to take a day from school. I created a sub plan video for my sub to use with my first through fourth grade classes. My younger kids worked on 9″ X 12″ paper because they have 30 minute art classes. My older students worked on 12″ X 18″ pieces of paper since they have an hour. I created this video and a simple handout. When I had returned, the students had gotten as far as tracing their designs in Sharpie. They were SO EXCITED to continue working on these that I put their current projects aside to let them finish. Here are a handful of fourth grader’s pieces that have been finished and are in process. 

I’m loving each and every one! Since this was such an engaging lesson for the kids, I thought I’d share it with y’all. If you are going to NAEA this coming week and in need of a lesson, you might consider using this!

In addition to the video I created for my sub, I also made these handouts. That way the kiddos would recall a simple breakdown of the lesson. Feel free to reproduce for your art teacherin’ world.