Janet Fagan’s Advanced Blockprinting Class

Sat-Sun, Oct 5-6, 2019

This workshop will focus on three color woodblock printing techniques using multiple blocks. Janet will guide students through the planning and execution of color printing using registration techniques that are clear and direct and hand coloring techniques that compliment relief printing. If time allows, the class will also be address experimental uses of color and its application. Students are encouraged to have previous block carving experience, but if you are an enthusiastic beginner and would like to participate feel free to join. Janet is excellent at working with students from their individual starting points.

Janet’s love affair with printmaking began 30 years ago at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia, where she studied woodblock printing with Dan Miller. Janet has taught drawing, painting and printmaking classes for the past 25 years including classes at the Gage Academy, Seattle Art Museum, and the Frye Museum in Seattle. Inspired by the natural world, Janet is currently exploring a series of prints based on the wild creatures she shares her outdoor time with. Combining the graphic quality of relief printing with the spontaneity of mono-printing and painterly mixed media techniques is emblematic of Janet’s experimental and intuitive approach to painting and printing. Her work is available in the Methow at Confluence Gallery and through her studio by appointment.

DATE: Sat-Sun Oct 5-6. LOCATION: VMG Studios, Twisp. FEE: $150. INFO/CONTACT: 509-997-2787, info@confluencegallery.com.