Last Sunday @ the Methow Valley Interpretive Center

Sun, Sept 28, 3pm, 2014

A Pacific Lamprey moves a small stone from its nest, or redd.Biologist John Crandall talks about the Pacific Lamprey, a unique fish, important native food, and valuable medical research subject. These strange looking, jawless fish have been around for 500 million years–200 million years before the dinosaurs even appeared, and they are living in our river! Lampreys play a significant role in our local watershed, but changes in environmental conditions, most notably impediments to migrating to the oceans and back, are causing drastic drops in population. This is a free event.

DATE: Sunday, Septermber 28, 3pm. LOCATION: Methow Valley Interpretive Center,210 5th St., Twisp. CONTACT: Carolyn Schmekel, 509.997.4904,