Learn the Hitchiker Scarf Pattern at Twisted Knitters

Sat, Aug 20, 1-3pm 2016

TKKatie Swanson will be here to teach a fantastic pattern called the Hitchiker Scarf.  You can easily find the pattern on ravelry as it is a very popular pattern.  This is a great class for beginning knitters and knitters who want to enjoy a project with a lot of just plain knitting (garter stitch).  But this pattern has a beautiful edge that makes it a little bit different.  Katie is a gifted teacher and she is absolutely a teacher who will get you on the right path in terms of your techniques.



DATE: Sat, Aug 20, 1-3pm. COST: $20 LOCATION: Twisted Knitters, 109 B Glover Street, Twisp, WA, INFO: mvtwistedknitters.com, susanhamer@mac.com