Life in the Methow

February 2022

A wolf from the Loup Loup Pack in the Chewuch watershed.

David Moskowitz was a recipient of the 2021 Mary Kiesau Fellowship through Twispworks for his project Life in the Methow, a photographic exploration of the diversity of the natural world and how people interact with it in the Methow River watershed.

“I am honored and humbled to have the chance to live, observe and photograph in the Methow River watershed. This landscape is awash with beauty and scars on many levels. Being a part of its ongoing story is a privilege I hold dear.

Funding and inspiration for the creation of this collection came from the Mary Kiesau Grant through Twispworks. Mary was a friend and colleague of mine. One of the photos in this collection was taken the evening of her death, and this collection is, in part, my attempt to honor her legacy in the valley.” ~David Moskowitz, excerpt from Life in the Methow

Sunset and cottonwood leaves just opening in spring at the confluence of the Twisp and Methow Rivers.

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Skiers Drew Lovell and Stephanie Williams and the trail of a Pacific marten during field work for the Cascades Wolverine Project in the Sawtooth range.

Life in the Methow is a compilation of 49 photographs that offer an intimate and compelling window into the natural world of the Methow Valley. It includes landscapes, wildlife, and people interacting with the watershed. Images include carefully planned and executed frames as well as spontaneous captures inspired by the moment—a collection of images that can only be made through years of careful observation and fascination with a place one calls home.

Irrigation in Big Valley and wildfire smoke.

David’s passion for photographing the Methow is driven by curiosity, a love of place, a fascination with light and shadow, and a desire to understand the world and our place in it as humans. Wildlife images include intimate camera trap portraits of some of the rarest and most iconic species in the watershed. Landscape images capture every season of the year, and everything from arid grasslands to the snow-covered alpine environment. Photos of people and the impacts we have on the landscape reflect David’s perspective that humans are just another animal, a complicated and adaptable species with the capacity to create beauty through their interactions with the world around them.

About The Author
David Moskowitz is a local photographer, author, and documentary film producer. He has been a resident of the Methow Valley for most of the past 20 years. Find out more about his work at and follow him on instagram at @moskowitz_david