Light After Dark Stephen Mitchell

Winter 2021

In Confluence Gallery’s Community Gallery
“A visual guy by nature, I have been photographing life as it unfolds for 4 decades. I guess one could surmise that I tend to be more of a photojournalist then fine art photographer, although I sometimes get lost between the two. Self taught and mentored by my father, a black and white specialist, my craft shaped by hanging out in darkrooms, often experimenting with different and unusual photographic techniques. As the digital age came to fruition, my passion for being behind the lens strengthened,” says Stephen Mitchell.

“Light, place and time are three photographic tenets that I always live by. I carry a camera……always…..since good light, at the right place and the right time, can often sneak up on me. I never want to miss out, as those unexpected moments can be priceless! As a child, traveling as a family, we would often come to a screeching halt in the car as Dad would jump out and disappear over the bank, camera in tow. Minutes later, smile on his face, he would say, “got it”. Somehow, Dad’s style stuck.”

Artist Statement:
“Light After Dark……”

There’s something mysterious yet intriguing about shooting photos once the sun goes down. The camera can often see what my eyes and mind cannot….

The night skies of the Methow Valley create the perfect artistic canvas for capturing “life after dark”. Planets, stars, the moon and constellations dance along with cameo appearances from meteors streaking across the sky. Energy from our sun often wakes Aurora up creating amazing and dreamlike displays of colorful light cascading along the horizon of the North. Watching this drama unfold leaves me feeling powerless but in awe!

 Enjoy your visual journey viewing my world…“Light After Dark”

DATES: Winter 20.21. LOCATION: Confluence Gallery, Twisp. Open Wednesday through Saturday, 10am-5pm. Purchase artwork directly from @