Living Hinge Book Workshop

Sun, May 15, 12-5pm, 2016

Steampunk Design presents a living hinge book workshop. New off the laser cutting computer is a very cool 1/8th inch pine board cut into a book that bends and moves like it is ALIVE!

Bring supplies: watch faces, jewels, crystals, old brooches, medium, handmade paper and watercolor paints. Steampunk Kits include a book. Choice of a artistic dragonfly, hummingbird or a frog to steampunk and put on the book. Gears, clock hands and antique keys are in the kit-total cost is $45.00.

book workshop book ws hummingbird book ws watercolor book

DATE: Sunday, May 15, 12-5pm LOCATION: Chelan Firehouse COST: $45 CONTACT: