Methow Conservancy’s: Living in the Era of Megafires

Tues, Feb 28, 7pm, 2017

fireA multi-media presentation lead by Dr. Paul Hessburg, 7:00-8:30pm, free, at the Methow Valley Community Center, Twisp.

“Megafires”, wildfires over 100,000 acres, and the destruction caused by them is a serious and growing issue to our region. If we are going to make effective progress towards increasing fire resiliency, we must increase awareness and stimulate conversation about this important issue across all levels of society. Through education, we firmly believe we can change the way we receive fire and smoke.”

This is the message of “The Era of Megafires,” a multi-media, presentation hosted by Dr. Paul Hessburg. The program is a mixture of fast-moving, short, topic-based talks, and compelling video vignettes. Think TedX mixed with snappy documentary shorts and amazing photography.
The presentation debuted last summer in Wenatchee WA.  A Northwest tour of the presentation has been making stops since then in nearly 50 communities across Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and British Columbia, including numerous North Central Washington towns. The Twisp program, hosted by the Methow Conservancy and the Okanogan Conservation District, is the only one planned for the Methow Valley.

Dr. Paul Hessburg is with the Pacific Northwest Research Station, in Wenatchee, WA, and the University of Washington, Seattle, where he has conducted fire and landscape ecology research for more than 27 years.

The presentation will be held from 7:00-8:30pm on Tuesday, February 28th in the gym at the Methow Valley Community Center in Twisp. The program is free and open to everyone. The doors open at 6:30pm. For more information, contact the Conservancy at 509-996-2870 or, or visit

DATE: Tues, Feb 28, 7pm. LOCATION: Merc Playhouse, Twisp, WA CONTACT: