Methow Salmon Recovery Foundation


Methow Salmon Recovery Foundation’s (MSRF) primary focus is to protect and restore habitat for ESA listed species of salmon and other fish native to the Methow watershed and aid directly in their recovery.

MSRF is a local 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation established in 2001.

What we do: Environmental habitat restoration, assessment, protection  and conservation] , landowner assistance, advocacy, project and resource monitoring, science outreach & education in the schools and community, community engagement through support of the arts, public trails and other community partnerships.  Maintaining the valley’s water quality is key to salmon recovery and is a pivotal driver of all of our efforts.

Over our nearly 20 years, MSRF has partnered with numerous entities in the local area and brought in funds from federal, and state governmental agencies, tribal agencies, non-profit organizations, and private contributors to enhance the health of our rivers. MSRF currently acts as a Project Sponsor for the Bureau of Reclamation to guide restoration projects in the Methow Valley.  Other funding partners include the US Fish and Wildlife Services, Bonneville Power Authority, WA Department of Ecology and WA Department of Natural Resources.  Funding received from these partners supports numerous public partnerships in the Methow Valley. MSRF is located 201 Hwy 20, Twisp, WA.
Offices located at Methow Valley Community Center