Methow Valley Chamber Music Festival Returns in 2022

June 16-25, 2022

New Space

We are pleased to offer our concert attendees an exclusive experience in the scenic Cascade Room of the Twisp Terrace Lodge at Rockchuck Ranch (formerly Tice Ranch). The room’s stunning mountain views and excellent acoustics — along with our lineup of virtuoso performers — promise the same high quality concert experience that festival fans have come to expect. 

New Dining Option

You will have the option of adding an upscale picnic meal, prepared by Twisp Terrace Lodge’s renowned chef, when you purchase your concert ticket. Diners will be allowed to enter the grounds well ahead of concert time. We will  no longer be able to allow guests to bring their own picnics and/or libations into the grounds. Beverages will be available for sale whether or not you purchase the meal.

New Schedule 

Both weekends of the Festival, unique programs will be offered Thursday and Saturday nights. Friday night programs will include a selection from the adjacent Thursday and Saturday music. For example (Please note, this is only an example.The programs have not yet been finalized: Thursday could include works by Vivaldi, Mozart, and Shostakovich; Friday could include the Mozart piece repeated along with works by Brahms and Haydn, and Saturday would repeat the Brahms and Haydn along with the addition of Schubert. The following week will be similarly organized but with entirely new programs. We envision that most people will choose to attend Thursdays and Saturdays (to hear all the music), and some will choose just Fridays (to hear the highlights of the Thursday/Saturday programs). Or if you like the idea of hearing some of the music twice, come every night!